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CJP Try Me Kit

CJP Try Me Kit

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Handy size pots to give our system a good test! We are highly confident you will love it


  1. 1 X Amor 10g
  2. 1 x Crystal Glass 10g
  3. 1 x Negligee 10g
  4. 1 x Peach Sorbet
  5. 1 x Snow White
  6. 1 x CJP HEMA Free Monomer 50ml
  7. 1 x The One Monomer 50ml
  8. 1 x The One Point 2 Monomer 50ml
  9. 1 X Dehydrator/Prep 15ml
  10. 1 x Ultra Bond 15ml
  11. Plus a Bonus randomly picked colour & Glitter!