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Halo Elite Hard Gel Trial Kit

Halo Elite Hard Gel Trial Kit

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1 x Halo Elite Hard Gel Sculpting Clear 8g

1 x Halo Elite Gel Cover Pink 8g

1 x Halo Elie Hard Gel Bright White 8g

1 x Halo Elite Nail Forms Sample Pack of 10

What Makes Halo Elite Hard Gel so good?

  • Can be cured under UV or LED light plus our Dual Cure Smart Lamp
  • The durability is second to none as the Hard in the name reflects its true value
  • The colours are spot on current trends and are absolutely stable and therefore identical in tone with every batch
  • The clarity and depth of the finish is like looking into liquid glass
  • The consistency is suberb, meaning an easy application without the worry of it running onto the side walls or cuticle with minimal air bubbles
  • It does not 'pull back' or 'shrink' like some other brands when being used, a huge advantage for nail techs
  • The primer gives the gel maximum adhesion meaning the product stays perfectly without lifting or damage for much longer than the recommended 2 weeks maintenance time 
  • The sculpting gel will stay where applied so can be used in one easy application without the need to add layers.
  • The white is bright and is applied in one easy application leaving a flawless, crisp, pigmented colour
  • It is a dream to file, making it less work for the tech even with a low grit file with zero 'clagging' on the nail file.