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The One Point 2 500ml

The One Point 2 500ml

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Create natural looking enhancements with exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility, our non yellowing formula keeps enhancments looking like new, draws the powder to the bead for an easier pick up and  bead consistency. Ideal for problem lifters. Ultra Adhesive and HEMA free all rolled into "The One". This  liquid has been in development for over two years, it is the best bits of all of our monomers all in one formulation, on top of that we have managed to create a liquid that offers the same working time that you are used to with CJP liquids.  This liquid is a a major development breakthrough as for the first time ever a liquid has been created to offer long workability, but set faster once you have finished perfecting your nail, making this ideal for beginners  and master techs.

SLOWED DOWN VERSION OF "THE ONE" - More play time BUT added adhesion

Our lowest odour yet

Can be used with all CJP powders 

HEMA Free 

Ultra Adhesive